Teen Bailey spanked and paddled

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Bailey is always getting into trouble and always getting punished.  I don’t think she’ll ever learn.  That just means we’ll be seeing more of her reddened ass.  Take a look at that nice round butt and that scrub brush as it cracks down with another blow that makes her butt even redder than it already is.  She must have done something really bad because she’s really getting spanked hard.  Look at those marks on her fine ass.  That’s going to be black and blue for a week.

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And again, bent over getting a belt applied to her ass is something Bailey has had before.  But this time it’s really good.  She’s getting it so hard that the marks have already started to turn black and blue.  She still has several more strokes to go.  Click here to see her get them!

Teen Jessica is paddled and cries real tears

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Sweet teen Jessica wasn’t paying attention in class again and got caught by the teacher.  This makes three times this week.  That was enough and she’s going to be taught a harsh lesson.  This time it’s with a loop ended carpet beater.  That’s gonna hurt!  She’s made to get on all fours in front of the class.  He raises her skirt and tugs up on her white cotton panties exposing her sexy butt cheeks.  The paddling begins!

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SMACK-SMACK-SMACK!!!  Again and again the stiff beater comes down on her sensitive bottom.  Every time it hits it leaves bright red marks and bloody welts.  This is going to hurt for a long time.  Each stroke is a bit harder that the last one and soon Jessica screams out at every stroke.  Shortly her screams turn to crying as this cruel device hits her sweet ass over and over.  Click here to see more of Jessica screaming & crying.

Hard OTK spanking for naughty teen Gina

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Teen Gina messed up in class again today and it time to get her punishment.  It going to be a Hard OTK spanking.  She takes down her pants and her panties are pulled down too.  This spanking is going to be bare butt!   She’s put over her teacher’s lap and her starts spanking her pretty bare ass.  At first she’s able to hold herself together but he sees that and starts smacking her fine round butt harder.  As he spanks, her ass gets a bright glowing red!

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After short bit, her butt is on fire and Gina begins to cry and shortly her crying turns into screams.  He’s relentless in his spanking and continues through her screams of pain.  He spanks her until her ass starts to bruise and turn a purplish red.  Then when she’s had enough he makes her kneel on a bench in the corner and think about what she’s done.  Click here and don’t miss this wild video!

Teen Brandi paddled with a wooden spoon!

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Brandi’s been at it again.  Disobeying at school.  So before she’s sent to bed early, she’s going to get a hard bare ass spanking.  This time it’s with a wooden spoon.  It’s very nice that she happened to choose the drop seat jamies today.  It makes it that much easier to gain access to her sweet bottom.  The crack of the spoon across her ass instantly starts to turn her butt bright red.

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The wooden spoon flies through the air so fast and hard that makes a loud CRACK as it hits her round butt.  One, two, three, etc. again and again it comes down on Brandi’s ass.  As her butt get’s redder, the smacks begin to burn and Brandi can’t help but scream as the welts begin to rise on her bare bottom.  This is going to be with her for some time but she’ll still never learn.  Click here to see everything!

Sexy teen girl butt plugged and paddled

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It’s time to show the new girl who’s in charge.  The first thing they have her do is bend over, spread her butt cheeks and they shove a sexy pink butt plug up her tight little puckered hole.    She gasps as it lodges itself deep her ass.  Now, while still bent over, it’s time for her first maintenance paddling.  Yep..these will happen regularly to keep her in her place.

She winces every time the paddle finds a cheek of her round little butt.  Over and over again the paddle blisters her sexy bottom.  This girl wielding the paddle is in control and very harsh.  She’s made to count all 30 of the paddle strokes.  If she misses one, she’ll have start all over.  We wouldn’t want that to happen…or would we?   Click here to see everything including video!

Cute teen Amy paddled and crying real tears

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Sweet Amy is only 18 years old and this is her first time at boarding school.  She’ll soon learn that backtalking to the teacher is not a good move.  She did that today and now she’s getting a wooden paddle applied harshly to her pretty little bottom.  At leat she’s able to keep her panties on to absorb some of the blows.

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The panties help but not a lot.  She’s been paddled Very Hard this time to show her that getting out of line will always have a bad result.  Just look at her tasty butt and those deep red marks where the wooden paddle hit its’ mark.  Girls like this never learn the first time so I know we’ll see more of her.  Click here to see the whole shoot in pictures and on Video.

Sarah gets the belt and cries real tears

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Sarah just can’t help but get into trouble.  Her misfortune is our gain.  Theres nothing nicer than seeing Sarah bent over getting a stiff belt applied to her sexy butt.  And this is nice strapping.  It so hard that it’s actually bringing her to tears.  One hard smack after another and it’s time to drop her white cotton panties right down to her ankles.

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Now that access to her bare bottom is available, it’s time to continue with the belt.  Only 20 more smacks to that cute butt.  As the belt hits again and again, Sarah tries but she can’t hold back the tears.  They run down her face and she screams “please stop…I’ll be good”.  But her punishment is not complete until the final 20th stroke.  Click here to see pictures and a full video!

Teen Jessica is caned and screams

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Once again, Jessica is in trouble.  That’s what not paying attention in class will get her.  I don’t know if she’ll ever learn her lesson but this might be the time.  She’s getting the cane across her bare butt.   It really hurts as the cane hits its’ mark over and over again.  Just look at her screaming.

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Look at the welts on her poor ass.  She will not be able to sit for at least a couple of days.  She’s been caned so hard that her butt is actually bleeding in spots.  But Jessica can take it and she does, each time she doesn’t listen.  I’m sure this will not be the last time.  Click here for the whole scene on video!

Two sexy teens are spanked together

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Amy and Stacy are the best of friends.  One night they decided to do a little girl-girl playing around under the covers at their boarding school.   Just as they were getting into it, one of the teachers walked in a caught them.  This kind of behavior is not acceptable.   A strict punishment is what’s happing next.  Since they were both involved together then they should both be punished together.

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The wooden paddle is brought out and the spanking begins.  First Amy is spanked and then Stacy.  The teacher mover back and forth from one to the other.  Giving each girls’ ass equal time with the paddle.  Wood is hard so each hit leaves a little red mark.  The more hits, the redder each of their butts gets.  Click here to see it all!

Sarah gets the wooden paddle…again!

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Sexy little teen Sarah has been naughty again and it’s time to pay the price.  She’s seen that paddle more times than she cares to but she never learns her lesson.  Sarah doesn’t like the wooden paddle and she begins to cry even before the paddling begins.  She’s bent over the study table  and her skirt and panties are removed.  The wooden paddle is placed against her sexy round butt and then it begins.

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The paddle is brought back and SMACK, it hits Sarah’s sensitive bottom.  Again and Again, smack after smack and Sarah cries even more as her sweet little butt begins to turn bright red.  Click here to see the whole spanking on video!

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